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Ray Spivey is a self-taught artist and fairly new movie director and screenwriter.

He began painting in 1993 and was contacted by the art crew for the cult comedy movie "Waiting for Guffman."

Ray's painting appears in the first five minutes of the film, the town founder Blaine Fabin fighting a bear.

During this period, he painted numerous sports art commissions, including Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, Jim Brown, the Dallas Cowboys,  and Muhammad Ali.

Since 1997, he has been known as the Texas Capitol artist, painting a rendering of the Capitol for each legislative session.  His original portrait of State Representative Edmund Kuempel hangs in the Texas Capitol.  Ray produced paintings for the Texas Peace Officers Memorial, Altius Private Equity Exhibit in London, and portraits for several dignitaries. 


In 2015, he began filmmaking with documentaries "Game On" and "The Last of the Moonlight Towers." He co-directed and co-wrote the thriller feature "Writer's Block" in 2019, which won awards at multiple film festivals around the globe.  Ray wrote, directed, and produced two award-winning horror shorts, "The Garage" and "Process." 

In 2022, he finished writing, directing, and producing the horror feature "Storage Locker."  The film will be distributed later this year. 

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